Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Close Boyle

I suppose, since Streep is doing Thatcher, it left the casting for the pointless Susan Boyle biopic (plot: an hour and a half of pottering round the shops buying cat food, followed by two minutes of Americans watching YouTube and going 'wow', and ten minutes of declining interest) wide open.

Glenn Close.

It's such a pointless idea and such a rotten piece of casting even Gordon scratches his head to try and come up with an explanation:

SuBo and Glenn have got something in common too, they are huge animal lovers.
That's practically method acting right there.

It turns out Cowell had started to work on a film about Paul Potts but dropped the idea when... yes, when he saw that look on your face, going "Paul Potts? Paul Potts? What's that?"