Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Gordon in the morning: It's meant to be funny?

An awkward photo of Gordon standing holding a prize? It can only mean he's stolen a prize.

Hang on, no, apparently it's his. He went to the Loaded Comedy Awards - surely the fourth or fifth most important comedy awards, and known (by nobody) as the LAFTAs and came away with a prize:
I won the gong for the third year on the trot. Clarkson will be hurt. It's the one the Top Gear host has always wanted.
Having won a comedy prize, Gordon decided to do a little joke. Did you spot it?

Perhaps the judges - understandably - have mistaken Bizarre column for a comedy effort where a thirteen year-old boy has somehow found himself writing captions for paparazzi shots?

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Anonymous said...

"it really was a raucous afternoon"

I'm sure...

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