Friday, February 04, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Left out of the love-in

Poor McFly:

McFLY will be watching the Brits this month in a bit of a rage.

The lads - DANNY JONES, TOM FLETCHER, DOUGIE POYNTER and HARRY JUDD - are miffed they don't get invited to big award shows.

Harry said: "It's frustrating that we don't get included in those types of things."
It must be frustrating, Harry. But why just the Brits? There are loads of awards shows you don't stand a tinker's trumpet of winning but don't get invited to. Surely you'd be just as appropriate a guest for The eLearning Awards, or the Petrochemical Industry Heroes Of 2010. After all, you're not really working in the same business as the people there, either.