Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kia drives over The Message

The Kia campaign which features Melle Mel wanking for coins isn't, to be fair, the first time The Message has been trampled on for advertising purposes. This, for example:

But at least using the song to try and stop kids being killed is a noble aim. And The Furious Five were well out of it.

This, though...

Sure, using songs as advert fodder is a fact of life, like genital herpes, or rabid prairie dogs, or Guy Ritchie. But surely there must be some songs that the people involved with must feel a bit of pride in; must listen to and think 'we've done something fabulous and important here' and want to cherish.

Why would you take a call that ends up with you saying "... well, yes, it was meant to be a howl about disenfranchisement and how accidents of birth and race can leave you an outcast in your own country, but you say you want me to appear in the advert for a suburban smugmobile? I'm in."?

It's also a strange choice for Kia. Leave aside they're having a jolly singalong to a tune that contains a verse about being killing yourself after being repeatedly raped in prison, the first bloody verse contains a having your car repossessed.

In other words, the idiot in the Kia is singing a song daydreaming about being a bloke whose car has been taken away by the repo man. Doesn't suggest he likes the Kia overmuch, does it?