Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What the pop papers say: Drugzzzzz

This week's NME in short: Heh heh heh they woz all on drugggzzz lolz!!!1!.

They're calling it:

the funniest list you'll read all year
- which bodes ill, as the paper is sliding back into just churning out increasingly ill-conceived lists when it runs out of ideas. And if this is as funny as we can expect, it's going to be quite dry come August.

So this week, when to mark landing a back page ad for the remastered Screamadelica ("to mark an interview with Bobby Gillespie") the NME lists "the 50 druggiest albums ever". Screamadelica is number one, which is both lucky and like, hey, proof of something, right, because this is somehow a scientific study.

Snurkle! It's like a list of records on drugs, on drugs. Or, more likely, on lager, because the concept and execution smacks (no, really, no pun intended) of a Friday night pub conversation where somebody forgot to lose the beermat they'd scribbled the chart down on.

Still, at least it does mean there's a mention of Spacemen 3 in the NME, which doesn't happen often enough.

And the Screamdelica piece would have been enough for an issue without putting a stupid chart at the front of it. Even if it's a little more Uncut than NME.