Friday, March 11, 2011

BBC: Goodbye to Introducing?

There are some stupid, end-of-days proposals floating out the BBC right now, which you have to hope are attempts to make the eventual cuts seem sane in comparison.

This morning's rat up a drainpipe is the suggestion that BBC Local Radio stations drop everything bar breakfast and drive, and carry Five Live the rest of the time.

Bloody hell, it's like they've hired an executive from Comemrcial Radio.

Naturally, such a move would spell the end of all local music programming - so goodbye to Merseyside's PMS, Raw Talent in the North East, Lancashire's venerable On The Wire and the slew of Introducing... programmes around the nation.

It's also a bit of a blow to the people reassured that the local radio network would be providing programming currently handled by the Asian Network, when that goes.