Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beth Ditto doesn't know much about her favourite show

You know what Beth Ditto really likes? Pantomime scrubbing:

The Gossip frontwoman wishes her favourite programme, 'How Clean Is Your House?' - in which presenters Kim Woodburn and Aggie McKenzie help people sort out their filthy surroundings - would launch in her native America because it would be such a challenge for the hosts.

She said: "My favourite TV show is 'How Clean Is Your House', the British one - there is no American one.

"Though sometimes they come to America and than can be better - I feel there's no dirtier house than in the United States."
Um... Beth, this is an American one. It's the ones where they come to America. You can even buy it on DVD. Should you want to.

Interesting that Beth's favourite programme hasn't made a new episode in over three years. Perhaps, like Chris Patten, she doesn't watch much television?