Monday, March 28, 2011

Dave Pearce heads off to Radio 2 with a quick snark at 6

Dave Pearce is waving goodbye to 6Music and setting up his camp at Radio 2, taking the chance for a farewell dig at the network which has been keeping his career alive:

On his website, Dave told listeners: "It was a great challenge to go and play something different on a radio station that is known for more or less playing the same indie music 24/7 but I was delighted we built a strong and loyal listenership and increased the audience in the Saturday slot by a third in the first quarter alone."
Isn't characterising 6Music as being known for playing the same indie music 24/7 a little snide - and also a bit self-aggrandising? On a network which offers Craig Charles' funk show, Maconie's Freak Zone and has had Huey from the Fun Loving Criminals as a regular daytime host, suggesting that a clapped-out Dance Anthems warhorse is somehow an extreme deviation makes Pearce like one of those students who gets a plastic circle poked in their eardrum and assumes this makes them edgy.

Especially so, since he is now taking on the role of being the David Jacobs of acid:
"I'm delighted to be able to share my passion for dance music with listeners to Radio 2. With nearly all the original heavyweight DJs over 50 now I guess dance music has finally come of age! It's time to bring back some of those great records that we all miss.

"I've been working in dance since playing disco on land-based pirate radio in the late Seventies and have continued going to clubs, DJ-ing and enjoying the music ever since. I'm really looking forward to hearing listener's anecdotes and record suggestions. People often say to me whatever happened to all those great records, the good news is that they are under my bed and in my loft!"
I'm sure for the fans this will be invaluable, but for a general audience, the thought of hour after hour of people desperately trying to remember foam parties in Ibiza or dredging up "... and he turned round, and it was Carl Cox" anecdotes might prove more tough going.

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