Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Hairspray

Gordon suggests there's something wrong with Adele for nipping out her house before drying her hair, although surely not spending three hours getting ready for a quick nip to the newsagents is what makes Adele Adele, right?

She's just matched one of those Beatles chart feats, and Smart tries to link the hair story and the Beatles:

She's the first artist since THE BEATLES to have two Top 5 albums and singles simultaneously.

Bet they didn't brush their mops either...
Eh? I suppose if he means when they were popping down the shops, he might be right. But if he doesn't, that means the showbusiness editor of the UK's biggest-selling entertainment publication doesn't know what The Beatles hair looked like. Or just puts words down until the space is filled.

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