Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Lee Ryan is trying

At some sort of party to launch an games console, Lee Ryan apparently reminded us why he's known for miles around as the thinking person's vacuum of thought:

He tried pulling stunning MTV presenter LAURA WHITMORE at a Nintendo 3DS party with the opening line: "Are you f****** anyone at the moment?"

Knocked back by Laura - who is dating THE CORONAS singer DANNY O'REILLY - Lee added: "Usually I just say I'm in BLUE and that works."
Really? Saying "I'm in Blue" "works"? Does Lee Ryan understand that being looked at with a mixture of pity and concern and being told "never mind" isn't actually what adults think of as "being on a date"?

He can't be telling the truth, can he? Because that would mean that people would be more likely to have sex with him if they knew who he was.


James said...

"Usually I just say I'm in BLUE and that works."

I'd love to see that.
"Hello, My name's Lee and I'm in Blue!"
"Err, hello. My name's Claire and I'm in light green."

M said...

that's f-cked up... I thought he was seeing someone

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