Friday, March 25, 2011

Killing Bono is wrong

You'll be aware of Neil McCormick. His day job is as music critic for the Daily Telegraph - a job on a par with being Cheese Reviewer for Lactose Intolerance Monthly - but his main passion is reminding everyone that he knows Bono.

We've already had a single which seemed to exist purely due to an anecdote about Bono; there's been a book about how he know Bono, and now, inevitably, there's a film based on the book based on the anecdotes based on knowing Bono.

The film is called Killing Bono. The book is now, too, although it used to be called I Was Bono's Doppelganger. Someone along the line, someone in marketing has decided the idea of killing Bono is more attractive to floating customers than the thought of someone being exactly like Bono. I wonder why?

The first line of McCormick's book is

I did have a life before U2.
So you have to suspend your disbelief from the very off.

At this rate, McCormick is going to have made more money out of knowing Bono than The Edge has.

[Thanks to Michael M and @jimwaterson for this]