Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Lily Allen: Slighty oversold

Channel 4 are pushing their 'Lily Allen goes into fashion' programme with the claim that she's making a change while "at the top of her career".

She's not released an album in two years; hasn't bothered the top ten since then. Obviously, there's reasons for some of the hiatus. But to call her on the top of her career is a bit of a stretch.


Anonymous said...

so she hasn't had a successful album since the last time she released an album, basically?

you try a little too hard at this sometimes.

simon h b said...

I disagree - to be "at the top of your career" is a different thing entirely from "hasn't actually done anything in that career for a couple of years, and the last time performed a bit less well than the time before".

Anonymous said...

her last album was - much to my dismay and disbelief - a resounding commercial and critical success, the success of her debut notwithstanding (in utero, you could have it so much better, etc). she said she wouldn't make another one when she was promoting it, and sure enough she hasn't. its not like shes going to plunge into a new career the week after she's finished touring. so yes, while she's not literally "at the top of her career" now, she was "at the top of her career" when she decided to stop in lieu of whatever it is she's now decided she's going to do instead.

simon h b said...

It was a critical success to a point, but less than the one before.

But you're right, a bit after making It's Not Me, It's You, she did say she wouldn't make another record. Because she wasn't making any money from them. Not what I'd describe as a commercial success or a particularly strong-sounding career position.

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