Sunday, March 27, 2011

Okay, we lost the case, but could do as we asked anyway, please?

Last year, the major labels took on Baidu, the Chinese search engine, to try and get it to stop linking to unlicensed files. They lost.

Now, they're begging Baidu to pretend that they won. Paidcontent explains:

Four of the industry’s main global umbrella groups have written a letter to the Financial Times (and sent to paidContent:UK, below) in which they say: “Baidu is the biggest source of this (piracy) problem.”
“Baidu facilitates infringement through deep linking and it is such a major player in the Chinese internet market that it is difficult to see a thriving legitimate digital sector develop while it continues to do so,” a spokesperson for the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry tells paidContent:UK
Here's the thing: you might want to try the softly, softly approach before sending in the big guns. Because once you've spent money establishing beyond legal doubt that there's no need for Baidu to do you a favour, you're probably less likely to get them to do you a favour.

It's like dragging a murder suspect to court, having the case thrown out and then saying 'yeah, but how about you spend a few years in prison anyway?'

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