Friday, April 22, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Bieber and Sheen

Gordon Smart reports this morning that Justin Bieber has been voted one of Time Magazine's Top 100 people.

To be fair, Bieber recognises that this is ridiculous.

So, who would you put on the list, lil'fella? Barney The Dinosaur? Mr Maker?

"It has got to be Charlie Sheen.

"He's got a million followers in one day on Twitter - I've never seen that happen before.

"Plus he's got tiger blood and he's always winning."
Well done, Justin. You've managed to pick the only person who is less deserving of a place on any sort of list of achievement than you are.


Dave Heasman said...

Bieber, being Canadian, shows admirable wit, and manages to turn the question. He's a clever boy, and you sound like Gordon in your disapproval.

simon h b said...

Hmm. Had he just done the tiger blood and winning part, I might have thought you'd had a point. But the bit about a million Twitter followers doesn't sound like a witticism.

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