Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Rum do

There's a complicated story about Matt Helders' bar, and the opening of a bottle of rum in Bizarre this morning".

Gordon suggests he bought a bottle of rum for £70, opened it, and then suddenly discovered that the bottle might have been worth £38,000. Although surely the real interest would then be in the man who sold the bottle for seventy quid in the first place?

Although it's not entirely clear this is anything other than a rum tale. Smart explains how Helders found out about his expensive mistake:

After the rum was unsealed someone at Matt's bar decided to contact the Rum Story museum in Cumbria where the spirit was originally made and found out that a similar unopened bottle fetched £38,000 when it was sold.
According to the BBC, though, the most expensive bottle of bottle of rum in the world was only worth £26,000, and a totally different type:
The drink, made by the Jamaican distillers Wray and Nephew, is worth £26,000 and is one of only four unopened bottles in the world.
To be fair, though, that was 2007, but I can't find any evidence of a more costly bottle of rum ever having been sold anywhere.

To make things even more confusing, this is the picture Gordon uses to illustrate the story:
That's, erm, a twenty quid bottle of rum.

It's not entirely Gordon's fault, as he's just copied the story straight from this YouTube video:

But shouldn't a journalist be a little more curious when presented with extraordinary facts?