Sunday, April 10, 2011

Longpigs Weekend: Tendresse

When She Said got a re-release, part of the fattening up for market included this b-side, which is actually a solo bit by Richard Hawley:

[Part of Longpigs weekend]


Steven Lynch said...

Silver Sun weekend next, please!

James said...

I'd definitely vote for Silver Sun weekend. One of my earliest fanzine experiences was somehow getting hold of a promo CD which had an address label of the promo company on, which lead to my sister and I speculatively taking the train to London, tracking the company down to an address in Camden, knocking on the door and mumbling "Hello, we're writing a fanzine" in the hope of a sympathy 5-minute interview with the drummer from Bogshed or something, and instead being greeted by a wonderful lady called Erica who showed us around the offices and piled us high with promo CDs, guest-list passes and a VHS tape containing Silver Sun's first four pop videos (see? This story *was* going somewhere).

Oh, and we met the guitarist (who looked a bit like Jake Shillingford) and had a lovely chat with him when they played the 100 Club a few weeks later. That was after traipsing up and down Oxford Street for about an hour trying to find the bloody place, only to give up and ask a nice man in a souvenir shop where the 100 Club was, who replied with an admirable lack of sarcasm "Er, yeah, it's number 100..."

I'm not really one for anecdotes, it turns out.

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