Saturday, May 07, 2011

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Dom Passatino on Ich Luge Bullets looks for a Beasties monument:

You don’t even get desperate for attention mixtape rappers recreating the “Paul’s Boutique” cover in search of blog real estate.

So, OK, there’s no Beastie influence on rap. But where’s the Beastie Boys influence on rock or indie or pop? Dave Grohl has, to the best of my knowledge, stopped wearing “funny” costumes in his videos, so that’s gone. I looked at Spike Jonze’s recent videography and it looks like a list of bands Carles deleted from his Google Alert in late 2009. Have the Beastie Boys become the most important band to have left no trace whatsoever?

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Anonymous said...

it's telling that what i did as a result of reading that piece was catch up on everything dom passantino's done since circa 2006, as opposed to everything the beastie boys have done since circa 2006

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