Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eurovision 2011: A sneak hint of what we won't see

The man who holds joint responsibility for writing this year's UK entry to Eurovision hasn't watched the show in years but has broken all sorts of embargoes by revealing something about Blue's act tonight:

[Ciaron] Bell went on to say "I haven't watched the show since I was a child but maybe this will change my mind.

"My favourite moment was Buckz Fizz performing when they ripped the skirts off - but I don't think Blue are planning to do that."
I'm taking this to mean that Blue will be keeping skirts on during the whole length of their song.

That's potentially added a smattering of interest to their act, then.

The song wasn't written with the intention of coming third-from-bottom on a chilly Spring night in Dusseldorf, though:
"It was utter fluke on my part. We weren't trying to write a Eurovision song. We were just writing a good bit of honest pop.

"A couple of the lads [Lee Ryan and Duncan James] wrote the track with us, they are bona fide songwriters."

"Blue were aware that it was a big risk taking part in the competition but as a writer I don't have that much to lose."
Fascinating. They were setting out to write a decent pop song, not a Eurovision entry, and ended up with exact opposite. Funny thing, life, isn't it?

[Assuming Blogger is able to keep it together, and there's not a long queue at Sainsburys, there's going to be a Eurovision Liveblog here tonight.]

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