Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Google to announce something

Is Google really going to call its music service Music Beta by Google, or is the service Music By Google and it's in beta?

I really hope it's the latter and the New York Times is just a bit confused. Although baking in the word "beta" to your service name would provide a perpetual get-out clause if anything ever goes wrong.

I suspect that it's the Times being confused, though, as the reporting is a bit off:

Since songs stored by Google will stream from the Web, they are not always as accessible as songs stored on iPods, because people can’t listen to them in places without data connections, like airplanes.
Like some airplanes, surely? In-flight wi-fi isn't that unusual in the US these days.

But this is what you want to know:
Users can store 20,000 songs free, as opposed to Amazon’s service, which stores up to 1,000 songs without charge.
That's, what, roughly forty days of music?

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