Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Gordon reads Q, misses story

Adele's interviewed in Q this month, and Gordon dutifully copies it out and slaps a headline on it:

ADELE has snubbed big-money arena tours and festival gigs this summer - in favour of drinking bottles of Diamond White down the park.
Gordon seems to have taken her a little over-literally when she says she turned down three nights at the O2 to spend time with her friends instead:
"That's all I'll be doing - sitting in Brockwell Park with my friends, drinking cider."
Adele comes across as lovely in the interview but Gordon seems to miss the obvious hook for a shit-stirring headline:
She told Q Magazine, out today: "I like things now I've got it but I'd still be alive and healthy and a good person if I didn't have money. But if I was money-driven, I'd be very excited by the money coming in. I'd be the face of full-fat Coke. Get another million in the bank!"
Oddly, Gordon doesn't have anything to make of what is clearly a well-aimed dig at Duffy's toe-curling Coke ad cash grab. Given that he was trying to turn a comment about crisps into a focus for the piece, that seems a bit of an oversight.

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