Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Guess who got the Take That tickets?

In what he's billed rather grandly as a Bizarre Special, Gordon Smart files a review from the first night of the Take That tour:

GARY BARLOW, 40, MARK OWEN, 38, JASON ORANGE, 40 and HOWARD DONALD, 42, set the bar extremely high two years ago with their epic Circus show.

Progress is not as good, folks... it is even better.
To be fair to Gordon, you can actually read that out loud in a way that works. In fact, inserting a "just" or a "simply" might have helped out.

Really, though, that's about as good as the review - a mix of phrases that were cliches when The Beatles were kids and some lists of what he saw - ever gets. The band have "delivered the goods". Expenses? None of those have been shared. The crowd's roar would have been heard, of course, for miles around.

Gordon's not actually filed a review; it reads more like an MOT of the gig. It seems like he enjoyed himself - why, his spine tingled - but there's no real sense that he was in any way emotionally involved. Perhaps he should have sent a writer along in his place.

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