Friday, May 27, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Winehouse vodka shops

Enlivened by a blurry CCTV image, Gordon reports Amy Winehouse having a quick one:

TROUBLED AMY WINEHOUSE dropped into a cornershop and necked a bottle of vodka - while on her way to REHAB.
Is that actually surprising? Isn't "going to rehab" the sort of thing you do if you're drinking neat vodka a likely thing to be doing if you needed to check in to the Priory? It's like saying someone was bleeding everywhere before heading off to A&E.

But, oh, it gets worse. There's a stunned onlooker:
"I was shocked to see her buy vodka so early in the day, and even more shocked to see her knock it straight back."
Really, stunned onlooker? You were shocked simply by her buying a small bottle of vodka - not as shocked as when she drank it, but shocked that she simply bought a bottle at that time of the day?

Now, if she'd been buying lots and lots of bottles of vodka, maybe that might be shocking, although the time of day wouldn't seem to matter under those circumstances.

And just how early was it?

Happily, Gordon has an answer to that, as she went to the shop after she'd been in to a hairdressers:
The Back to Black singer, 27, had stormed in to use the toilet at 12.30pm on Wednesday.
So she'd have been buying this vodka at just before one in the afternoon. Is that really shockingly early in the day for someone to have a quick wee drink?

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