Saturday, June 25, 2011

Glastonbury 2011: View from the sofa - Morrissey

Who would have thought that the first act to really cope well with the demands of Glastonbury would be grumpy old Morrissey, eh? He managed to get through his set without accidentally upsetting Koreans or Belgians, somehow worked in a costume change and was, if not exactly triumphant, at least managing a worthy away win.

And it felt great to watch on TV, despite his curmudgeonly, knowing change of line in the Satellite Of Love cover to "I cannot stand TV". On a good day, Morrissey is three-parts showmanship to one-part canker, and this felt like a good day for him.

Highlight? Well, his backing band weren't The Smiths but even so, the reading of Meat Is Murder was wonderful. Introduced by a mild jibe at Cameron's desire to keep animals in circuses ("what a silly twit"), and dripping in blood-red lights and a genuine, growly, jowly anger that the Smiths-era Mozzer's range couldn't have included.

This Charming Man wasn't quite such a triumph. But then, his backing band aren't The Smiths.

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