Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Cardle meets Clyro

Matt Cardle believe he's been given Biffy Clyro's blessing for covering Many Of Horror, having met them at the Kerrang Awards:

Matt said: "I was a bit worried about meeting them because I had no idea what they thought of my song.

"I'm a huge fan of theirs so I apologised to them in case they hated it.

"But we had a really nice chat. As it turns out, I think they quite liked my cover. They didn't have a problem with it at all."
Gordon speculates that all the money might have helped, which is possible. It's equally likely that Biffy Clyro know that being angry with an X Factor singer for the songs they sing is a bit like hating a dancing bear for the music he shuffles to.

Smart reports that next time round, it'll be different as Cardle is getting a co-writer credit ("writing") for his new album:
He's been heavily involved in the writing process and is looking forward to showing off his new tracks.

It will be interesting to see how Matt spends his money.

I doubt he'll be too keen on a yacht.

Maybe just a new cap to replace the one that hasn't left his head for nearly 12 months.
The money from the new Matt Cardle album? I doubt it'll stretch to buying a copy of Steve Brookstein's most recent album.

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