Monday, June 20, 2011

Gordon in the morning: The second Mrs Gallagher

Vanished from Bizarre like a Russian general who had laughed at Stalin's moustache is Carl Stroud, the "Digital editor", and his piece on Amy Winehouse's Belgrade meltdown. It's been replaced - at least in front page orthodoxy - by a bit saying similar things written by Richard White. Gordon's two stories predicting a sober Winehouse have returned to the 'related stories' box (though no others, and certainly not Stroud's piece), as a line has been developed which tries to explain why Smart could believe things would be fine, and they weren't:

[I]t is thought she had a secret stash of booze on the set in Belgrade, Serbia. A source said: "In the run up to the show she was disappearing. By the time she got on stage she was on another planet."
In the run-up to the gig, it looked a little like Winehouse's management had been planting an "it's alright" narrative in the column; this morning, it appears the "it wasn't our *ahem* their fault, ooh she's wily" tale has been dropped off.

I don't normally wade into the comments section of Bizarre, but it's worth remembering the audience Gordon is writing for. Pinkstone offered this up:
Don't know about back to back IT SHOULD BE MONEY BACK TO BACK
Um... the song is called Back To Black. But otherwise... um... well done on being able to use the caps lock.

Gordon, it appears, was more bothered by Noel Gallagher's wedding to Sara MacDonald, providing a warm write-up of the affair.

In fact, it's so warm, it misses out entirely the only real noteworthy aspect of the day: the non-appearance of Liam Gallagher.

To be fair, not pointing that out is a small kindness, focusing on the positives of the day and not jumping on a grim fact and blowing it up. If only Smart treated all the people he wrote about like that, and not just his mates.

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