Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gordon in the morning: What's wrong with Glastonbury in a single tweet

Graeme, younger brother of Wayne Rooney, is heading to Worthy Farm:

Graeme tweeted yesterday: "Cnt wait 4 glasto with @WayneRooney, boozeville yerrrrrrrrrrrrrr." But within minutes of the tweet going online it was mysteriously removed.
I'm sure everyone who wanted to go and watch the bands or comedy or other acts and failed to get tickets will be delighted knowing that there's plenty of room for rich people to get drunk, something they clearly couldn't do anywhere else in the world.

Still, Gordon doesn't see a problem:
Wayne, who is in Barbados with wife COLEEN, is a big music fan. He splashed out thousands having his favourite band STEREOPHONICS play at his 2008 wedding in Italy.
Those two sentences point in very different directions.

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Anonymous said...

In absolute fairness, anybody who books the Stereophonics for a night so that they are unable inflict their noise on anybody else in the world is pretty much my idea of a "big music fan"

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