Sunday, June 26, 2011

This week just gone

It's Glastonbury weekend, and you can read a full list of Glastonbury related posts if you'd like to.

The most-read things this week were:

1. Glastonbury 2011: Mail complains about how many people it takes to make hours and hours of TV and radio
2. Glastonbury 2011: Spinner's U2 fight turns out to be a slight disagreement over set lists
3. Liveblog: The last ever Mark & Lard show
4. Tatu up in arms: why would you think we were gay?
5. Glastonbury 2011: The uberpost
6. R Kelly sex video is admissible evidence
7. NME TV: Second least-watched channel in the UK
8. Heavy-handed security guards break up U2 tax protest
9. Glastonbury 2011: David Hepworth's festival flaw
10. Glastonbury 2011: U2 - view from the sofa

These were the interesting releases:

Atari Teenage Riot - Is This Hyperreal?

Download Is This Hypereal?

Bon Iver - Bon Iver

Download Bon Iver

Owl City - All Things Bright And Beautiful

Download All Things Bright...

The Fall - The Marshall Suite Box Set

Download The Marshall Suite

Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle Series 2

The sort of librarian you've got to have seen a lot of librarians to get