Friday, July 01, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Good news for Chris Evans

Colin Robertson files for Gordon with details of a deal done:

MOTORMOUTH DJ Chris Moyles will clock up a DECADE on the Radio 1 breakfast show after signing a £1.25million new deal last night.

The 2½-year contract will take the 37-year-old presenter up to New Year 2014 and will end with his tenth anniversary on the show.
It's a bad contract if it's guaranteed him the breakfast show for the next thirty months. And it seems to be less about any enthusiasm for Moyles than the lack of any obvious heir:
While emerging R1 names such as Matt Edmondson and Greg James are seen as possible heirs, they are said to be still too "green". Fearne Cotton, who follows Chris at 10am on weekdays, has also been talked about as a contender. Scott Mills, 37, would love the job - but he will be too old by 2014.
If you're seriously thinking about Fearne Cotton, you've got a tremendous succession problem.


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