Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Cartoon characters

Kasabian have, naturally, got an orchestra on the new record - they're at the point in their career where sales are high and ideas low, so shelling out for an orchestra is an obvious thing to do.

But since it's clear Kasabian's grasp of music is very lmited, how could they communicate what they wanted?

The obvious thing would have been to play Whatever by Oasis and say 'something like that', but instead, the band used film soundtracks as a reference point.

I say "film soundtracks":

Serge said: "I just explained what I wanted in basic terms like, 'You know the bit in Tom and Jerry where Jerry plays Tom's whiskers? - that sound', and she'd go, 'Ah, it's pizzicato!' and we'd get through it like that."
There has been some worries from cartoon cats that association with Kasabian might make their trade look a little childish.

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