Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gordon in the morning: The exciting Olly Murs

Clearly the X Factor team are annoyed at Gordon running stories claiming that Olly Murs is boring, as today, Gordon tries to reverse ferret:

JLS might think he's boring, but Olly Murs still insists he likes a night out.
That's as far as it goes with trying to beat down the 'boring' claim:
Essex boy Olly stays well clear of the drugs, though.

Now that he's famous they would be easy to come by, he admits, but he finds that worrying.

The X Factor runner-up said: "I don't take drugs but I get offered them a lot in clubs.

"If you are addicted to drugs and you are getting given them for free, then it makes it even worse."
Now, I've a lot of time for anyone who is able to resist the temptation of free drugs, and you've got to respect a person who takes the decision to try and stay clean. But, oh, could he sound any more like the soundtrack to a flickering super-8 1970s 'don't do drucks' film?


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