Saturday, August 13, 2011

Talking of that fire, though...

I've been poking round the Guardian's map of all verified incidents and the Sony Distribution Warehouse fire looks to be unique.

All the other incidents recorded seem to be on High Streets, and attacks on retail units. This seems to be the only time rioting looters took the time to go to a suburban business park and target a business.

Now, maybe the Sony logo made people think this was the place where PlayStations come from, and thus worth a detour.

But given that the focus of the lootathon was on retail units with low-level protection, the targeting of a massive, secure unit away from the High Street seems to be something other.


Anonymous said...

according to a eyewitness on five live, the looters were on bikes. i grew up in lower middle class suburbs and there were quite a few industrial estates that were within easy cycling reach via woodland paths or whatever, even though they may seem to be out of the way on a map.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

True - I sometimes go for a stroll through our local industrial estate. But that's pretty much the point - there were an awful lot of industrial estates that could have been targets, and yet no other warehouse (appears to have been) touched.

It's possible I'm just looking for a pattern where there wasn't one, but this does stand out as being unlike the other events.

Anonymous said...

any truth in the rumour cctv picked up images of people matching the descriptions of geoff travis, martin mills and richard russell disposing of balaclavas in nearby woodland a few hours after???

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