Sunday, August 07, 2011

This week just gone

With all the excitement over browsers, here's this week's top ten browsers used by No Rock visitors:

1. Firefox 34%
2. Internet Explorer 25%
3. Chrome 20%
4. Safari 17%
5. Opera 1%
6. Mozilla Compatible 1%
7. Opera Mini 1%
8. IE/Chrome frame
9. Playstation
10. Blackberry

These were the interesting releases:

Hedy West - Ballads & Songs Of The Appalacians

Download Pretty Saro

Pop Will Eat Itself - Box Frenzy (in some way 'expanded')

Download Box Frenzy

Cecile Corbel & Simon Caby - Arrietty Soundtrack

Download Arrietty's Song

UK Subs - Complete Punk Singles Collection

Download Punk Singles Collection

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