Saturday, September 03, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Like a Numan

Carl Stroud, who pops up from time to time as "Bizarre digital editor", is on duty today talking to Gary Numan. Numan has a sad:

If I meet anyone below 25 who knows who I am, there's a 50 per cent chance they only know me through The Mighty Boosh. I'm very aware of that.
For people who are actually under 25, I should probably explain that The Mighty Boosh was a TV programme back in the middle of the last decade.

It's unclear if the sample size of 'people younger than 25 who know of Numan' is large enough to give any statistical significance to this finding; it's interesting that Numan doesn't say what the other 50% know him for.

Numan has just recorded with Battles, which he says was difficult to decide to do:

He explains: "I felt badly out of my comfort zone. I've never worked with bands. I've always worked on my own.

"The idea of collaborating with anyone else was quite daunting. If Battles had any trepidation in asking me I can assure you I had more after agreeing to do it."
Always worked on his own. Never collaborated.

Then what was he actually promoting when he went on Number 73 with Bill Sharpe out of Shakatak, exactly?

You could also mention the Little Boots thing he did for 6Music last year, or his work with Nine Inch Nails, I suppose. It's great that Numan and Battles have come together, and they're making a wonderful sound, but why must Gary constantly pitch everything as if it is larded in significance?