Monday, September 19, 2011

People want to own, not rent, says retailer

Some interesting research from eMusic, which reckons it proves that people still want to own records - or at least mp3s - rather than stream:

Top line stats from the eMusic research, which questioned 1000 music fans (some eMusic users, some not), include that 91% said they preferred to own tracks because there were no limitations on listening, while 86% said they felt ownership offered more security, ie tracks aren’t likely to randomly disappear. 76% said they used streaming services to discover and sample music that they might then buy, and, presumably as a result of that fact, 74% said they wouldn’t pay to access streaming platforms.
What eMusic don't reveal is how far the desire to earnown dwindles as you head towards younger respondents - the assumption has always been that the so-called 'digital natives' have seldom bought physical product and, thus, would be more comfortable with the idea of not having a digital collection. You suspect if the findings had overturned this conventional assumption, eMusic would be making a bit more of it.

[UPDATE: Typo "earn" for "own" corrected]


Zalamanda said...

Do younger folks really not have a desire to own? I suspect that the means to own (i.e. the possession of ready money), or lack thereof, might be a factor. Of course, I suppose the younger generation may have developed a remarkable self-awareness, viz. that they might not like the same music in 10, 20 or 30 years time. If they have managed this, they are wiser than I was - but also, I suspect, more fickle, as I do like some of the same music that I did 10 or 20 years ago (I didn't have much opinion on music 30 years ago).

Incidentally, I am assuming that "desire to earn" is a typo; even if it isn't (and it would be a shocking thing to say about the younger generation), it does kind of tie in to the means to earn...

Anonymous said...

"86% said they felt ownership offered more security, ie tracks aren’t likely to randomly disappear"

I think that's quiet interesting since the main reason I prefer to buy cds or vinyl (besides quite often being cheaper) is because I don't particularly trust that the supplier will always be around to guarantee that the downloadable tracks I have bought will always be available to me.

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