Thursday, September 29, 2011

We7 decides the kids are where it's at, relaunches

Decent-but-underloved digital music service We7 is relaunching with a new logo, and a belief that "younger" people is where it's at.

That's the old logo... and this:

This would be the new one.

The meat, though, is in focusing on people who want a free service, seeing the gap Spotify has left by scaling back its free operation; and simplifying the way things work:
Steve Purdham, chief executive of We7, said that the new-look site should be thought of as a 'personal DJ', likening it to the Pandora service in the US.

'Some people love the idea of going through the catalogue to create a playlist, but the vast majority of us who love music do not want to make that investment in time and just want to be entertained,' he added.
Not entirely sure "just wanting to be entertained" is the same thing as "loving music" - there's a difference between a zipless fuck and a romantic entanglement - but that's probably the least of We7's challenges.

In Spotify, it's taking on a service which has established itself as an almost generic name for streaming online services - and trying to get people to use We7 when they're thinking they're Spotifying is going to be tricky.


Chris Brown said...

I always used to prefer we7 to Spotify as a freebie service because they didn't have the usage limits and opened in a browser without having to run a separate application. They even offered ad-free days if you used them heavily enough, and so on. But this new version is effectively just Last.FM's existing radio service with a picture of somebody wearing sunglasses in the corner of the screen.
I think pulling the shareable playlists out of the free service is an especially short-sighted move; I can't be the only person who was drawn to the site by content posted elsewhere... and on a more selfish note I'm disappointed they didn't announce the go-live date of the changeover further in advance so I wasted a lot of time compiling stuff for future publication that I now can't use. I'm just going to have to guess what Peter Gabriel's albums sound like now.

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