Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bjork: It's just like punk

Bjork's Biophila - partly released via apps rather than just on a CD - is like punk. It must be, she says so:

"For 10 years I'd just been listening to people moan on about how the internet was killing music. And I was like, 'Hang on, technology is not the enemy of music.

"Maybe it's because we've let businessmen set up the model of how we distribute music. If artists would get involved... that's why I've been comparing this project to punk. Obviously not literally the songs, but it's kind of like when I was 16.

"When we wanted to put out an album, we put out an album. And made the poster ourselves."
Yes, it's just like the DIY movement. If you ignore it being released in the US on Universal's Polydor imprint, or being distributed in the UK by part of EMI; and if punk meant having to get your music approved by the richest company in the world in order to gain access to the app store. Exactly like punk.

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