Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Kiss try to pretend there's a Lady GaGa duet in their futures

It might surprise you that crappy novelty goods firm Kiss also have a band which puts out records from time to time. It's this endeavour which has led Paul Stanley to try and talk up a Lady GaGa duet:

The frontman said that he wouldn't rule out a duet between the band and the 'Bad Romance' singer, and described her as "terrific".

"Anything's possible," he told LA Weekly. "She's terrific, and it's not improbable."
You'll note that this is a basic scientific fact - a situation could exist whereby Lady GaGa and Kiss were in the same room, singing the same song, at the same time - dressed up to offer a vague impression that maybe something is already happening to bring about this situation.

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