Monday, October 17, 2011

Starbucks: now serving with cream, chocolate flakes, music

My first thought when I saw that Starbucks was bringing its free music download of the week offer to the UK was 'were they not doing that here?' I mean, it's half a bloody decade since they introduced it in the US, and they were quick enough to launch that horrible powdered instant coffee muck over here.

My second thought was 'they're still doing it in the US?' I've drunk a substantial amount of coffee in Starbucks in the US, and can't recall having seen an iTunes Pick of The Week promotion for at least two years and haven't been offered a download-redeemy card since... since my memory was sharp enough to hold on to the memory of when things like this happen.

Mind you:

Henceforth, customers visiting Starbucks coffee shops will be given an iTunes gift card that they can redeem on the iTunes Store within 60 days to grab the free download. The service kicks off with James Morrison’s In My Dreams.
I could just be blocking it all out.