Saturday, November 26, 2011

Discobit: Andrea True

Andrea True, of Connection fame, has died.

Born Andrea Truden, she changed her name to True when she joined the porn industry. She'd been finding it hard making a living as a mainstream actress, but worried that her mother would be upset seeing the family name used in the adult entertainment industry.

Her porn career included the sequel to Deep Throat, but she was salvaged from that business by an advertising job in Jamaica and the birth of disco. The money from one funded her debut in the second, and she self-funded this:

More More More was a massive hit on both sides of Atlantic and beyond - Andy Kershaw once remembered being pestered to DJ at a club in Zimbabwe only to discover the box was full of Andrea True Connection records, rather than the local music he had been hoping for. The canny use of a title which is perfect for simple-minded advertisers has meant that the cash has been rolling in from it ever since.

The More, More, More album would offer up other, slightly less classic singles - like this one:

But effectively, that was it for Andrea's chart music career. She should worry though; her one shrewd record, hitting on-trend, set her up for the rest of her life.

Andrea True died on November 7th; the cause of her death has not been made public.