Monday, November 21, 2011

Gordon in the morning: The embrace of death

Filed as an "exclusive" by Caroline McGuire, a tale of Lady visting Amy Winehouse's house to 'pay respects':

A source said: "She went in disguise and kept things low key."
That's probably wise; otherwise it would have appeared in the papers.

To be fair to GaGa, the scant information the Sun has (the story is padded out with adverts for the rushed-out posthumous album) suggests that GaGa did want to keep the visit private, and did nearly succeed.

From the recently dead to the still alive, and Richard White's piece on Robin Gibb. If the tabloids are horrible when someone's dead, how much worse are they when they think somebody is about to die. One thing I'm sure family and friends of Robin Gibb could do without is having the Sun crying fake tears about his condition outside the hospital doors.

The only saving grace is that with Leveson sitting, even Murdoch's papers are unlikely to repeat the ghoulish crashing of the death of Russell Harty. You'd hope.