Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gordon in the morning: No, Mr Smart, I expect you to lie

Dan 'lost' Sales has a red-hot exclusive for Gordon's page today, claiming that Noel Gallagher is going to write the new Bond theme:

The Wonderwall writer, 44, is to meet 007 bosses within the next few days to discuss writing the title track.

A source told The Sun: "They're going to talk about potentially writing and performing the song for next year's new Bond film.

"Nothing is signed or official, it's just being discussed at the moment."
This might come as a surprise to Bizarre readers, who were assured by Gordon hi'self last month that Adele was doing the theme:
ADELE's voice must be back to its best – she has started trying to match Shirley Bassey's huge vocals.

She's warming up her pipes ready to start recording the next James Bond theme.
Perhaps it'll be a duet.

Or maybe The Sun is just making stuff up.

Seriously: Gallagher doing a Bond theme? Don't they usually for someone the American audience have heard of?