Friday, November 18, 2011

Johnny Marr defends flogging song to shop

A lot of huff has been expended on the decision by Morrissey and Marr to let John Lewis write them large cheques this Christmas. Now Johnny Marr is fighting back. Speaking from, probably, a Jacuzzi of cash, Marr explained that letting the song advertise geegaws and whatnots wasn't a bad thing at all:

Writing 'Please Please...' one Friday in '84 is one of the best memories of my life. This ad has not sullied that memory one bit."
"And you know what", he continued. "If my memory had been sullied, I could have just popped it into a John Lewis JLBIWM1402 Integrated Washing Machine. That baby has an A+ energy rating, and can make light work of a six kilo load. That would unsully anything."
He then went on to criticise the fans who had been "bitching and moaning whilst, wait for it, watching X Factor."
"... almost certainly, though, not on a screen that could hold a candle to the John Lewis JL19 LED TV, which has pinsharp clarity on the picture but is small enough to make a handy second TV. Maybe for kid's room or the caravan?"
... before linking to a YouTube video of former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins, in which the punk singer dismisses the notion of using songs in advertisements as "selling out".
"After all" he concluded "if you really want to see selling out, get yourself down to John Lewis and watch the way the twig Christmas tableware is flying off the shelves. That playful but practical cutlery is going to be a talking point in smart households up and down the nation."

I think the taking the cash is alright, but the whiny self-justification for it is a bit much to take. You wonder who Marr is trying to convince; and to just dismiss the fans who made The Smiths concerns about something very important to them being used in an ad is ungrateful, to say the least.

But it's not like the travesty that Littlewoods have made of Terry Scott's My Brother, is it?


paul wells said...

The version set to the music to the shining is far more entertaining:

Anonymous said...

Don't worry... I'm sure the dumper truck of cash that the new smiths reissue box set Is bound to bring in will restore his credibility (it definitely ain't his work with the cribs). Add to the fact, morrisey probably needs a few quid in preparation for proving to everyone he's not a racist gobshite. Is it me, or are the members of the smiths becoming a sub-species?

Anonymous said...

its his song, and he can do what he likes with it. one would assume that the 'self-justification' was dragged from him, rather than him issuing a statement in his own defense (that's more Morrissey's style)

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