Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gordon in the morning: This isn't actually good news

Worrying Stone Roses intelligence this morning:

IAN BROWN can swap his old Adidas tracksuit for a gold-plated number thanks to The Stone Roses reunion.
Eh? A gold-plated tracksuit? That might have just about worked if he'd gone for 'trainers' rather than 'tracksuit' but gold-plated clothing?

So, yes, The Stone Roses are going to make new awful records:
A spokesman for the band confirmed yesterday: "The Stone Roses are pleased to announce that they have signed a record contract with Universal Music in London and with Columbia Records in New York."
I'll bet they're pleased.

Gordon proves that he never really cared about the band that much:
Fans have been waiting nearly 20 years for new material.
No, Gordon. Fans have been spending nearly 20 years wishing they'd been a one-album band.