Tuesday, December 06, 2011

HMV announce the X Factor winner

A couple of weeks ago, STV screwed up and accidentally gave the impression the vote to bring back one bunch of chancers to the X Factor was a waste of time. They published stories that had been held in reserve while the vote was still running, leading to mutterings of "fix".

Today, @realshowbiz has come across this:

It purports to be an HMV webpage claiming Amelia Lily will be releasing the "X Factor winner's single."

However, if ITV had fixed the vote, and told HMV, wouldn't they also have let on what the winner's single would actually be called?

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Anonymous said...

It's quite possible all of the X Factor finalists are listed in HMV's system but the website only displays one name. As you say, that it's called "X Factor Winner's Single" does suggest they don't actually know hwo it is.

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