Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beyonce ruins birth experience for less-rich mothers

Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z, of course. But, boy, did you really have to be such douches to everyone else who needed to use the hospital?

The New York Times reports:

The familiar area outside the neonatal unit had been transformed: partitions had been put up, the maternity ward windows were completely covered, and even the hospitals’ security cameras had been taped over with paper. Guards with Secret Service-style earpieces roamed the floor.

“We were told we could walk no further,” Ms. Nash-Coulon said Monday. And when she and her husband, Neil, demanded an explanation, she added, the guard claimed, unconvincingly, “ ‘Well, they’re handling hazardous materials,’ ” even as a large group of people screened from view were passing through the main hallway he had declared off-limits.
The most worrying aspect of this is the shutting off of the hospital's security cameras. Sure, Beyonce had people. Who was looking after the other kids?

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