Sunday, January 01, 2012

Mani says goodbye to the Primals

In order to concentrate on counting the money from The Stone Roses' reunion, Mani has stepped down from Primal Scream after last night's Edinburgh New Year gig.

The NME reports on that set:

Bobby Gillespie and co played a career-spanning 12 song set, divided into two halves by the traditional new year bells and fireworks.
A career-spanning set, eh?
'Movin' On Up'
'Slip Inside This House'
'Don't Fight It, Feel It'
'Shoot Speed/Kill Light'
'Come Together'
'Swastika Eyes'
'Country Girl'
I hope the NME has its tongue in its cheek - Primal Scream might want to pretend that the first two albums never happened; you have to worry that the current NME hasn't even hearded of them.

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