Saturday, January 07, 2012

Those So Solid Crew members in full

In case you missed it because of the working week, and because of Wikipedia suddenly getting all up in your face about "accuracy", Enemies Of Reason and Profanity Swan both captured the full list of So Solid Crew members that appeared earlier this week.


Anonymous said...

Once, I vandalized the Dirty Pretty Things wiki to say that they used to be called The Bearded Clam Lovers Experience, and when they broke up, THE NME PRINTED IT (on their website at least) AS A FACT. One of my greatest triumphs, obviously.

- Claire

Robin Carmody said...

The So Solid thing was nasty, petty-minded indie racism. Deletion was entirely justified.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Deletion was justified because it was a joke and Wikipedia doesn't do jokes. But I think calling it "petty-minded indie racism" is a bit much. It's a joke about how many people were in the group, isn't it? In the style of the Court Of King Caractacas.

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