Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Warner claims ownership of silence

If you want to avoid getting hit with a DCMA takedown notice, it can be hard. A couple of times now, I've shared a video sent to me by a record company PR outfit - cleared and websafe - only to have the same record company issue a DCMA takedown a few days later.

But if you're sharing your own video, and it has no music on, you're safe, right?

Erm... nope. Crochetgeek makes silent videos showing how to crochet.

Despite the complete lack of music on them, Warner Music Group has hit her with a DCMA takedown. The crocheter, Teresa Robertson, is unimpressed:

They are just coming across as "big bully" companies who want to control the Internet and want to control non traditional, original content on YouTube. There is a redistribution of wealth taking place and it is not going in to their pocket because you can be an independent creator on YouTube.

They have been walking all over original content creators for to long, claiming content they have no right to claim! They really need to get over it and adapt to the change.
I suppose, to be fair, she is using the word "crochet", which is quite close to "crotchet", and the sheet music Warners publishes has got crotchets on. Open and shut case, surely?

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