Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fred Durst washes hands of death of Jessica Michalik

You'll recall Jessica Michalik, the young woman crushed to death at The Big Day Out while Limp Bizkit were playing.

Fred Durst certainly does, and is now using her as set-dressing:

Unveiling a giant pink backdrop with Michalik's name on it, Durst revealed that he had not wanted to perform, but organisers had told him that the crowd would riot if he refused to go on. He then performed 'My Way' to an audience which included Michalik's father George.
Hmm. So it wasn't Fred's fault.

That's odd, though, because while the coroner handed much of the blame to the promoters, she also condemned Durst quite strongly, too:
Ms Milledge saying Fred Durst could have taken the situation more seriously and reacted, stopping his "anti-authoritarian act." She said his comments on stage during the attempt to rescue Jessica were "alarming and inflammatory".
Perhaps the organisers also forced him to make the comments he did while people were trying to help Jessica.

Durst, of course, refused to attend the inquest and only gave evidence by video link - too busy, you understand, not afraid of not being allowed to leave the country.

There's also the strange question of the hospital visit that we heard all about, but which never happened.

Even without the unanswered questions, the use of someone crushed during one of your sets as a stage prop would be distasteful. Without Durst being honest, it's sickening.