Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Tan man

There's a long lens shot of Johnny Marr in Gordon's column today, which claims to be of Marr leaving a tanning salon. Although it's actually of Marr stood outside a tanning salon, which is slightly different.

Not entirely sure why Gordon thinks there's either any defence of the photo, nor any need to run it. He tries what might be the most pathetic attempt I've ever seen to pretend there's a "story" at the heart of it:

He was snapped head-to-toe in the latest Nike gear last year on one of his fitness workouts. He looked like Mr Motivator.

Smiths fans will hope all this clean-living might be geared towards a reunion.
Actually, any Smiths fan has no hope other than there never being a reunion to ruin their memories. But even if they were "hoping" for a reunion, what fan of the band would assume a photo of a man wearing a tracksuit, followed a few months later with that man walking outside a tanning salon, have anything to do with the band at all?

Show us Mike Joyce and Morrissey coming out the same building, you might have a justification. Other than that, this is just a seedy photo of a bloke outside a shop.

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